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A locally owned boutique
coworking in Brussels.

Picture of the coworking living room

Coworking Brussels

Looking for the perfect place for you and your team?
At Atelier15 we provide an elegant and creative work environment for small teams
and entrepreneurial individuals in the heart of Brussels. A place you’ll love
to go to everyday and also be proud of when bringing clients over for a meeting.

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Come enjoy the art of working apart together in a shared working space with common facilities.
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Event venue
In need of the perfect venue for your next event, workshop or classes? We’ve got you covered!
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Meeting rooms
Looking for a meeting room or conference room in Brussels with all the necessary amenities included?


Atelier15 – Coworking Brussels offers flexible workstations and office spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and hybrid working companies in Brussels. Wether you are looking for a place to break your homeworking routine on a low commitment basis or looking to accomodate your team’s growth. Change the way you work and discover how impactful and inspiring coworking can be to your business.

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Picture of the flex desks
Picture of the flex desks
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2 Fixed desks


We offer quite and well equipped meeting spaces for your productive meetings and events to keep business meetings on track and effective.
Our meeting rooms in our coworking office space are at your disposal with extra services (food and drinks) available on demand.

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Atelier15 – Coworking Brussels is the perfect location to host your next event. Yoga courses workshops, seminars and walking-dinners, you name it! Our venue, situated near the center of Brussels, provides all the features needed to make any event successful. With a capacity up to 70 people, your guests will have a memorable time at our event venue.

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Choose a plan that fits you

Flex member
Full member
Virtual Office
Services & ammenities included in this plan

Every plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

Limited meeting room access
Printing and office supplies
External monitor screen
Break-out rooms
Hot desk
Dedicated desk option

Prefer to have a dedicated desk? For an extra €50/month you can have your own attributed desk with drawers and monitor screen.

Artisan Roasted Coffee
Private locker
24/7 building access
Natural & sparkling filtered water
Community events & Offsites
Business address

As a full member you’ll get 50% off our virtual office package

Bike storage
Smart building access
Mail service premium

Once a week we scan and forward your mail or keep it aside for you to collect in person

Phone Booths
Happy Hour & Cocktail Program
High speed internet
Unlimited meeting room access
*Starting from
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Still uncertain ?

Choosing a new place to work is a big deal, so having a million questions is okay! We’ve selected some of the most common ones and gathered them here on the right. Click on the question to hear our response or go to the FAQ page to find even more and read them at your own pace.

Ps: We’ve tried to reach David Attenborough for the recordings, but we didn’t have the budget. We therefor had to work with this nephew George, sorry!

Do you still have a question? Get in touch, we’re there to help!

What’s the best way to commute to Atelier15?
I’m hungry, is there good food nearby?
Do you offer some kind of test or trial period?
Can I only use the space during “business hours”?
Do I have to make an appointment for a tour?
Do I have to sign some kind of lease contract?
Is there any minimum commitment to join?
I have a lot of calls during the day, is that okay?

A healthy and
optimized space

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1. Ergonomic office chairs

Sitting for long hours is a killer but with healthy posture and the right support, it doesn’t have to be. Our ergonomic chairs will help you sit correctly and improve your posture and balance.

2. Advanced floor heating

Atelier15 is equipped with the latest underfloor radiant heating system. Besides being more energy efficient than traditional heating, floor-heatings offer a much more comfortable experience to the human body as they will heat the entire room evenly and therefor fence off any cold drafts.

3. Filtered tap water dispenser

Drinking enough water is one of the basic elements for good health. To encourage everyone in the office to drink more (water), we provide a water faucet with biological filtered plain and sparkling water.

4. Air filtration units

Clean air plays an important role in a healthy space. That’s why Atelier15 is equipped with two industrial air filtration units that remove pollutants and constantly provide the space with clean & fresh air.

5. Sound absorbing materials

A well-balanced acoustic level is a key factor to your performance and well-being at the office, which is why we’ve invested in the latest soundproofing agents and lay-out.

6. Semi-professional coffee machine

Coffee is the fuel of life! That’s why we’ve invested in a semi-professional espresso machine that’s simple, intuitive and fast to use but most importantly makes one hell of a great cup of coffee!

7. High speed internet

A combination of fibre connection and smart Ubiquiti access points provide a blazingly fast internet connection (+-250Mbps) for you to be on top of your productivity game!

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Picture of a empty coworking desk
Picture of the coworking living room
Person walking around the coworking
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Kitchen view with amenities

Welcome to beautiful Brussels

Things to visit near Atelier15

Commuting to your future office is super easy, all roads and rails lead to Atelier15 – Coworking Brussels !

You can come by metro (Clemenceau or Delacroix), by bus 46 (Liverpool), by bike or electric scooter (Parking inside the office), by train (Gare du Midi 5 min walking distance), by car or by boat (quai de l’Industrie/quai de Mariemont).

Atelier15 – Coworking Brussels is located in the absolute epicentre of Oriental cuisine.we’ve sampled a lot of them it stays tough to narrow down the best choice for lunch.

Apart from Lebanese there’s plenty more local restaurants that are worth discovering! Whether you’re craving something spicy, like Indian or Asian cuisine, or just want a classic moules frites or vol-au-vent — we’ve got it all.

At a stone’s throw from the city center, it’s safe to say there are more good eateries and bars in the area than days in a year!

Our neighbourhood Cureghem, developed during the industrial revolution of the 19th century, still houses some of Brussels’ most iconic places. One of them, without any doubt, is Brasserie Cantillon which is also the Brussels Geuze museum. Make sure not to miss out on their guided tours, occasional exhibitions and public brewing sessions!

Talking of brewing, just around the corner as well we have the brewery, taproom and cave de l’ermitage where you’ll find some of the most delicious and rare craft beers in town!

Public transport
Eating & drinking
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Rue Gheude 19, 1070 Anderlecht
Monday to Friday

8.30am to 18pm


Full members only